Terms and Conditions


  • DOTNIK products are "HOSTED" only. This means website will be created using DOTNIK's proprietory software (website builder).
  • DOTNIK products also referred as software as a service (SaaS).
  • Site's uploaded files & raw inputs (database) can be downloaded by using tool provided in admin panel.
  • The renewal amount should be paid within 30 days after expiration, failing shall lead to site suspension.
  • The renewal amount should be paid within 60 days after suspension, failing shall lead to deletion of site & it's contents permanently.


  • We are not a Domain Registry & partnered with Public Domain Registry.
  • Email address should be verified for first time (just clicking on link sent by Registry)
  • For registration: Domains.



  • This service is provided by partnering with some third party Email Hosting companies
  • We provide account level support only
  • To order visit here.


  • Requests should be sent through registered E-Mail or Mobile.
  • Oral & telephone requests may not executed.

Cancellation and Refund

  • All sales are final and Cancellation or Refund or Exchange not permitted.