Terms and Conditions


  • DOTNIK services are "HOSTED" only. This means "Website Files" are kept with DOTNIK server only & Website Files did not given to customer.
  • DOTNIK services can also referred as software as a service (SaaS) expect Domain Name(s) registered through us.
  • Websites are created using DOTNIK's proprietary software & any updates will be executed through us only.

Processing & Execution

  • Order will be processed after confirmed payment in full.
  • We did not accept partial payments.
  • Customer must send website page's content & images within 3 days from order date.
  • If content not supplied within 3 days from order-date/hold-period, Rs.500/- levied to hold the process for next 3 days (hold-period) & calculation are vice versa.
  • Website Design will be executed after getting contents from Customer if there is no pending amount/levies.

Content Acceptance

  • Customer must send website page's content & images in full in one email.
  • Example: A zipped folder which has page wise folders that has it's content & images inside.
  • Subsequent email (after 1st email) on website content change will be charged as "Web Site - Updation" (minimum Rs. 350/-, Pre-Pay) per instruction set/email and should pay the amount by visiting Order page.

Design Restriction

  • Our designs are created with "FEASIBILITY", "USER INTERFACE" & "LIGHT WEIGHT" in mind.
  • To accomplish multi-device (Desktop/Mobile/Tab) feasibility, the design "STRUCTURE" will not be changed.
  • To achieve fast page loading, manual background images not accepted.
  • We provide 100+ SYSTEM COLOURS to make website more colourful as an alternative.
  • To view STRUCTURE Click here
  • To view SYSTEM COLOURS Click here
  • To view in which areas (COLOUR SETTINGS) the colours replaceable Click here
  • To view DEMO website Click here


  • Website Design will be completed within 7-15 days from execution date, but in some circumstances it may take up to 30 days.
  • Customer must finalise website design within 7 days from completion (Live).
  • Websites not finalised within 7 days from completion date also treated as "Web Site - Updation" and chargeable.


  • Requests should be sent through registered E-Mail or Mobile.
  • We did not execute oral, telephone & whatsapp request.

Cancellation and Refund

  • All sales or services are final and Cancellation or Refund or Exchange not permitted.